The problem was me

22 The residential street was upscale but not posh. Recently gentrified. It was also quiet, especially that early in the morning. I was leaning against a tree when she came out, box in hand. “Dr. Alexander.” She stopped in shock on the stairs of her upscale three-story condo building. “Jeez. You surprised me.” She stepped down slowly with a bemused smile. “What are you doing … Continue reading The problem was me

On the proper way to eat sushi

Most of Japanese TV is about food, which is odd considering that Japan consumes fewer calories per person than any of the major industrialized nations, by far. Not that there are many cooking shows. There aren’t. Unlike in America, where people learn to cook from books and TV personalities, Japanese people learn to cook from their mothers. TV here is filled with “magazine shows” which … Continue reading On the proper way to eat sushi