The Case Against Dark Matter

The Case Against Dark Matter: A proposed theory of gravity does away with dark matter, even as new astrophysical findings challenge the need for galaxies full of the invisible mystery particles.| Quanta Magazine Once upon a time, we attributed fire to a mysterious substance called phlogiston — literally, Greek for “that which burns” — because we couldn’t explain how otherwise inert matter, like wood, could … Continue reading The Case Against Dark Matter


The Best Songs You Missed (#1)

Most evenings, I post a song on social media — what I call the soundtrack to tonight — and add it to an ongoing playlist covering all genres of music. Here’s the five songs you missed this week. And here is the full ongoing playlist for those following along at home. (I recommend listening on random.)   Since this is the fist edition, we’re gonna throw in … Continue reading The Best Songs You Missed (#1)



“Winter” by Jason Felix I have two files labeled “Characters” and “Settings” where I dump a lot of the art I find. Flipping through those images later is great inspiration. Sometimes I take bit and pieces directly (and without shame — see Austin Kleon’s “Steal Like an Artist”), but many times the images spark a tangential idea. For example, while I do’t expect this is … Continue reading Winter


Final cover set for the completed MINUS FACTION

My superpowered sci-fi thriller THE MINUS FACTION recently concluded with the release of the seventh and final novella, Outbreak. With the conclusion comes a new set of covers that do a better job of linking the books and making it clear that, while each episode introduces and resolves conflict, they are all part of the same single story. Plus, they just look awesome! Updates will start … Continue reading Final cover set for the completed MINUS FACTION

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Understanding Our Century: How We Got Here (in two short acts)

Originally posted on Serum:
The American Presidency is a fascinating institution and one that has grown and changed over its two-and-a-quarter centuries. Like any complex social phenomenon, it has both manifest and latent functions. We all learn in school, for example, that the president is the commander-in-chief of the armed forces, as specified in the Constitution, but did you also know he is the chief… Continue reading Understanding Our Century: How We Got Here (in two short acts)