Time to end it

31Oct I set the effigy of wire and straw on the pavement in front of the John D. Bailey Center for Palliative Care and reached in my pocket for my lighter. The “John D,” as it was known, was built in the 60s to be something of an urban fortress of public safety. A striated-brick block jutted from the ground floor into the U-shaped visitor’s … Continue reading Time to end it

Science Fiction: The Stars My Destination

“The Stars My Destination,” second in my five-book formal tour of the history of science fiction, is a work of extremes, which makes it hard to say anything balanced about it. What it does well, it does very well. The rest is flat pulp, the equivalent of an off-brand cola. But since Bester doesn’t dawdle, the flat bits never last very long — none of … Continue reading Science Fiction: The Stars My Destination