This Is The End

My wife and I got lucky. She emigrated from Japan in late December 2019, just days before 2020 rolled around. (My God, what happened to that whole year?) If she hadn’t come in those early weeks, we might still not be together. We didn’t lose anyone, but obviously many did. The Economist estimates 10 million … Continue reading This Is The End

The Future is Strange.

The bus pulled onto the shoulder to report the bleeder on the side of the highway. A car had clipped the man’s leg, which bent awkwardly to one side. His hands had frozen into fists and his feet were limp, and they wobbled over the asphalt as he dragged himself forward on his elbows, one … Continue reading The Future is Strange.

(Art) The Old Gods

There's a trend in contemporary fantastic art so pervasive that I feel it needs it's own genre: the casual hierophany, or passing encounter with a god. A hierophany is a manifestation of the divine other. The name implies more than a mere appearance or vision. A hierophany is an eruption of the divine in our … Continue reading (Art) The Old Gods