Eros Surrealismus: All Creativity is Sexual

We are the animal brain: hunger, impulse, response, a desire to survive... but not for survival's sake alone--survival for the sake of reproduction. All higher brain functions derive from or are filtered through the hypothalamus (hunger, thirst etc.), amygdala (emotions), and midbrain (sleep/wake/arousal). You cannot escape it. It is your anatomy. We are the animal... Continue Reading →


Daniel Swensen is the Lord of Alien Cancer

I issued a challenge. Write an evil limerick or lyrics to a rock opera about a family suffering¬†a HOME INVASION by ALIEN CANCER. Several answered the call. Each stood up and sang. Thank you to Sarah Lantz, Marcy Luikart, and Rob Pearson.¬† I wish I were wealthy enough to reward you all. Daniel Swensen, author... Continue Reading →

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