Screwing a Dead Cat

Apparently I have a lot. I guess, since they're old hat to me and since my days are pretty much like anyone else's, I don't think about it. But we got to talking about Helsinki on Midsummer's Eve, about eating bush meat in the Amazon, about being bombed by the IRA, about cutting an 86... Continue Reading →


IT’S FINALLY HERE! Fantasmagoria is Released!

"Brief, violent, and unpredictable, yet thrilling to be in the middle of." -goodreads reviewer A scoundrel with a secret seeks the key to escaping the end of the world. An exiled gunslinger, waiting to die, is called back for one more job. A radioactive man is sold into service as an assassin by a mysterious... Continue Reading →

Taste My Carnal Chocolate Eruption

I want to tell you a little story. Picture a restaurant in a small town. In fact, it's the only restaurant for miles around, so almost everyone in the little town eats there at least once a week, not least because of the famous desserts: apple cobbler and cherry pie. Now picture a horde of... Continue Reading →

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