One Hundredth of a Star

Marketing is pushing boulders down a mountain. The myth is that pushing a boulder always creates a landslide, but that’s not true anymore than that the market is an efficient sorter and the cream rises to the top. “Quality” is only loosely correlated with economic success, and most of the boulders you launch will crash down and come to a dead stop. Big companies have … Continue reading One Hundredth of a Star

The Last Thing Anyone Wants to Hear

A list. “We need to talk.” “There’s a slight possibility we’re standing in a mine field.” “Umm. That wasn’t a tampon…” “Relax. Just be yourself!” “Unfortunately the tumor is inoperable.” “Your child has been sending videos of their bowel movements to the other students.” “This account has insufficient funds.” “The alien virus you contracted is going to wipe out the rest of humanity.” “This probably isn’t … Continue reading The Last Thing Anyone Wants to Hear