The Last Thing Anyone Wants to Hear

A list.

“We need to talk.”

“There’s a slight possibility we’re standing in a mine field.”

“Umm. That wasn’t a tampon…”

“Relax. Just be yourself!”

“Unfortunately the tumor is inoperable.”

“Your child has been sending videos of their bowel movements to the other students.”

“This account has insufficient funds.”

“The alien virus you contracted is going to wipe out the rest of humanity.”

“This probably isn’t a good time to tell you this, but…”

“Hey, your mother is on the phone. She wants to know if you cleaned the dildo.”

“You missed Rick Wayne’s latest.”

Don’t be a victim. Episode One of The Minus Faction is available now.

It’s Official

Episode One of my super-powered sci-fi thriller The Minus Faction
is birthed into a harsh, harsh world.

Former Secretary General of the United Nations Kofi Annan said, “This is a very important work. This announcement affects the entire world.”**

So there you go. Pretty cool, huh?

Both Amazon and my website have had the e-book on super secret pre-sale since the first of the month, and some folks got a super SOOPER secret reading before that even, but the paperback is now available and we’re at near-full distribution, so I’m donning a flight suit and calling it MISSION: ACCOMPLISHED.

Barnes & Noble (any day now)

Barnes & Noble (any day now)
Google Play
Apple iBooks (any day now)

You can order signed copies exclusively from my website. There is also a listing on Goodreads for those who are active in that community. Click any of the links to purchase.

Here’s what some folks had to say:

I was engrossed from the first page and now I’m invested.” -goodreads reviewer

I could not put it down until I had devoured the whole book in one sitting.” -amazon reviewer

Terrific dialogue … tightly-paced high-speed chase down the darker alleys of our modern world.” -amazon reviewer

Wayne’s take on normal people getting super human abilities is both refreshing and closer to realistic than just about anything else.” -amazon reviewer

Ridiculously fun read.” -amazon reviewer

LOVE IT. Love. Excellent, start to finish. Tight writing, excellent character development. Mr. Wayne keeps you guessing, keeps you surprised.” -amazon reviewer

I’d say there’ll be a release party, except I’m too busy sitting here in my boxers eating cheese puffs and working on Episode Two.

Mmmmmm…. cheesy goodness.

Episode One Stars

Regent Card

**Okay, not really. But I maintain he would if he read it.

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