There is no “1,000 True Fans” in Publishing

Tech writer Kevin Kelley popularized the idea of the "1,000 True Fans," which pops up again and again in creative circles. (You can read his original article here.) The basic idea is that you do not need to have a blockbuster song/painting/movie/book in order to be successful, which for the sake of discussion we'll define as making a... Continue Reading →


New Release! Episode Three of The Minus Faction

The third episode of my "superheroes for adults" serial novel THE MINUS FACTION is available now at most online retailers and at "A modern, no nonsense take on superhumans." -amazon reviewer THE MINUS FACTION is a serial novel about extraordinary abilities and how not to use them. In Episode Three . . . After... Continue Reading →

Which is worse, rape or murder?

there are people who want to argue which is worse, rape or murder. every time i run into this, it just makes my skin crawl and i want to get as far away as possible. it's a completely irrational discussion, and so there's no room for common accord, because it operates below the conscious mind.... Continue Reading →

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