Chasing the Broken Wastrel

(NSFW) Today I am heading into the nethervoid of my subconscious as I work on Episode Four of THE MINUS FACTION. There will be cyborgs and flying ambulances and a series of bad decisions that culminate in a literal heart-stopping end. Probably. At the outset of a new project, there’s always a quick ejaculation, a splatter of ideas that, in typical male fashion, quickly expires. Then the hard work … Continue reading Chasing the Broken Wastrel

The Only Writing Advice

If you’re learning brain surgery, it’s probably a good idea to practice before diving right in. Same goes for auto repair. You don’t want to be hearing later about how you installed those brakes wrong. But writing isn’t brain surgery, or automobile maintenance, or even tax accounting. In writing, everything in the world you possibly need to know is: Write. Think about what you wrote. Write some more. Of course, … Continue reading The Only Writing Advice