Welcome This Blog to Its New Home

Of course, all the old Likes and Comments from the old place are gone, but WordPress is probably a better fit in the long run, so onward!


Attack of the Green Vampire Worm!

it so happens that there's no way an author can include every single bit of backstory, every tiny morsel of world-building, and still manage to tell a well-paced tale. there are always crumbs after baking and bits of batter clinging to the bowl. i sweep all that up and dump it into a "frags" file,... Continue Reading →

Anything Other Than Another Law

One of the reasons I tend not to have political discussions anymore -- and there are many -- is the prevalent assumption that if you are critical of something, you mustĀ be advocating legislative action againstĀ it (because clearly bans and legal restrictions are our only weapons). Such acts may succeed in curtailing an activity, but more... Continue Reading →

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