Dead Men Eat No Peaches: An Interview With a Cretin (and a new release!)

The first volume of The Minus Faction Omnibus is now available. It collects the first three episodes of the series (for less than the cost of buying the three individually) and includes some bonus art and additional materials, such as the following interview by my friend and colleague LJ Cohen, who asked some wonderfully insightful... Continue Reading →


One of the stupiderest things I’ve ever done

Hanging out with my friend Mark in Boulder a couple weeks ago, I was reminded of one of the stupiderest things I've ever done. You see, I was never a wild child. In fact, I didn't really come out of my shell until a month or two before my seventeenth birthday when my parents packed... Continue Reading →

The Two Ways of Getting It Wrong

I enjoy teaching people about statistical reasoning, but it does get tedious trying to get them to apply it. That is, people do reasonably well with the abstract case (raw numbers) or an illustrative example (incidences of renal failure, HIV tests), but their success rate drops dramatically as soon as the conversation turns to anything... Continue Reading →

Fetishism and History

The Pulitzer prize-winning historian David Hackett Fischer once lampooned pop history writers and even some of his colleagues with the title of a paper on historical fallacies called 'Dear Diary, the Hundred Years' War Started Today...' (If you don't get the joke, you are not qualified to speak on any historical subject. Ever.) People love... Continue Reading →

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