Chit Shat From Japan

This is an ongoing, updated list of my pictures and essays on Japanese culture and food. Most links are to Ello since I love how the platform lets you tell a story back and forth in images and words. All posts are public and should be visible to anyone, even those without an account. (A... Continue Reading →


Who Are the Superheroes of the 21st Century? (And a New Release!)

When I started working on THE MINUS FACTION, I decided that I wanted way more realism than you would find in a standard comic book. I also wanted to avoid mere replication of the classic superhero canon, which is to say: -a (usually white) male meta-human prince (Superman, Thor, Namor, Black Panther, etc.) -a (usually... Continue Reading →

Notes on the Japanese Aesthetic

I am not the world's biggest Japanophile. I enjoy the country for its foreignness and follow The Economist, which said that the greatest experience of being foreign -- for the Westerner anyway -- still comes from time spent in Japan. But I don't lust after her mysteries. I am a casual explorer. A one-night stand... Continue Reading →

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