Chit Shat From Japan

This is an ongoing, updated list of my pictures and essays on Japanese culture and food. Most links are to Ello since I love how the platform lets you tell a story back and forth in images and words. All posts are public and should be visible to anyone, even those without an account.

(A chit, by the way, is a brief official note, memorandum, or voucher.)

General Culture:

The Identity Politics of Fandom From Afar (or, Japan Isn’t It’s Pop Culture)

The Geography of Tokyo


Asakusa Night Photography: Part 1; Part 2

Popular Japanese TV Persona Matsuko Deluxe, cross dresser

Nocturnal Emissions (Tokyo at Night – Kamata): Main post, Outtakes

Notes on the Japanese Aesthetic: Wabi Sabi; Kintsugi

Halloween in Shibuya

Shunga (Traditional Erotic Art): Main post; Addendum

Izakaya: the Neighborhood Pub

Thoughts on Cake After a Month in Japan

Adventures in Tiny Living!

Sasebo, Japan (A Letter from my Grandfather, December 4th, 1945)

A Note About Cultural Difference in Intimacy

Nissin’s CUPNOODLES Museum; Addendum 1; Addendum 2 (Orine and Me)

Tokyo Exists in Three Dimensions


Absence in Kashiwanoha

Tokyo Flow

Colorful Kawasaki

Kamakura 1; Kamakura 2; Kamakura 3; Kamakura 4

A Stroll Along the Kanda River

Watching the Trains Go By

No Waste of Space

Squat Toilet

To Akihabara


Shinagawa Station


Electronic Toilet Control




Japanese Food:

Home Cooking: Dinner 1; Dinner 2; Dinner 3;

Natto! (Fermented Soybeans)

The Automatic Diner

Pumpkin KitKat

Hokkaido Ramen

Iced Watermelon

Whale Katsu

Tune Tartare

Japanese Pizza

“King Taco” Rice Bowl


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