The Poor’s Prayer

The Poor's Prayer Our Employer, who art in tax haven, trademarked be Thy name. Thy lawyers come, Thy will be done offline as well as on. Extend us this day our total credit so we may be ever debtors. And lead us well into temptation. but deliver it next-day free. For my purchasing power is... Continue Reading →


How to Think About: Monogamy (and not be an idiot)

When we complain that people are generally bad at something, often we're not saying they don't understand it, as in they don't understand it at all. What we're saying is that they have missed (what appears to us as) a clear application, which is the mark of true understanding. Take stats. Most reasonably educated people... Continue Reading →

Constructive Interference

According to a number of studies (do a search on “music for productivity”), music that is highly engaging, such as songs we enjoy — especially those with a lot of lyrics — are good for repetitive work. This is probably because they stimulate areas of the brain otherwise deadened by rote activity, which can be... Continue Reading →

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