Rough Cut of the mini-adventure that opens Episode Five of The Minus Faction

Droplets of blood fell in time with the warbling horn of an old Victrola record player. A deep Russian voice crooned a 1930s love song barely audible over the scratches in the record. Как много девушек хороших, Как много ласковых имён, Но лишь одна из них тревожит, Унося покой и сон, Когда влюблён.  By the... Continue Reading →


Fun! *now with Biology

I forget sometimes that not everyone has the same background I do. A while back, I had a conversation about fat that made it clear the speaker had no clue what she was talking about. For the record, you breathe out the fat you burn, which gives you a sense of how densely energy is... Continue Reading →

Darksign: the birth of a novelist

I want to tell you a story with a wonderfully terrible ending. It starts in high school, where I sat quietly in class for days on end ignoring girls and filling notebooks with cheap knockoffs of my favorite sci-fi novels. It looked like I was taking notes, you see. ("I was not challenged enough in... Continue Reading →

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