Captain America & the Privilege of Compromise

The movieplex near my house employs a “voice of the theater,” who gives a series of announcements (in a pleasing tenor) before each feature. It being a holiday weekend, the Voice played a segment of the Gettysburg Address as I sat with my family waiting for Captain America: Civil War to start. I’ll admit, I felt a little stirring in the breast. And why shouldn’t … Continue reading Captain America & the Privilege of Compromise

Your Brain is Not a Computer

This is a wonderful, lucid, and short essay on the fundamental flaw of contemporary cognitive science written by a preeminent psychologist. The empty brain: Your brain does not process information, retrieve knowledge or store memories. In short: your brain is not a computer Philosophy of mind, particularly human judgment and decision-making, is a big interest of mine. I’ve said repeatedly, as the author does, that … Continue reading Your Brain is Not a Computer

Can We Escape Genre?

Like branding, genre is an extended phenotype of our genetics. Humans need to be able to make sense of the world, so the brain developed a small armamentarium of “noise-reduction” shortcuts, almost none of which are aiming at what is really out there since “what is really out there” includes the rigidly uncertain and indeterminably cross-categorizable. At some point in our evolution, the brain hit … Continue reading Can We Escape Genre?

What People Are Saying

about the superpowered serial sci-thriller THE MINUS FACTION: “Gripping, immersive, entertaining. These are not your typical heroes.” “A unique brand of justice, morality, and heroism. Taut, thrilling entertainment.” “So easy to read and follow along. The author pulls you right in.” “Fun, fun, fun!” “The story of unlikely hero[s]. Crackles with energy and promise.” -Daniel Swensen, author of ORISON “Keeps you guessing, keeps you surprised.” … Continue reading What People Are Saying