What People Are Saying

about the superpowered serial sci-thriller THE MINUS FACTION:

“Gripping, immersive, entertaining. These are not your typical heroes.”

“A unique brand of justice, morality, and heroism. Taut, thrilling entertainment.”

“So easy to read and follow along. The author pulls you right in.”

“Fun, fun, fun!”

The story of unlikely hero[s]. Crackles with energy and promise.
-Daniel Swensen, author of ORISON

“Keeps you guessing, keeps you surprised.”

“Rare that I finish [a book] in one sitting. It’s what I’d call neopulp and what most bookstores would shelf among the sf/f books, but it’s also a superheroic book without capes or masks.”

More than a simple thriller-meets-comic, Wayne gives his characters realism, depth, and heart.
-Andy Goldman, author of THE ONLY CITY LEFT

“Not what you expect and you WILL NOT be disappointed.”

“Unusual and distinctly clever.”

What I loved the most is the sense of restraint, turning every page was fraught with the feeling that everything might go very bad, very soon. Excellent characters and an intriguing story.

“I love the that the characters themselves seems to be the driving force behind the story, rather than mere accessories.”

“Grabs you by the throat and keeps you on your toes.”

THE MINUS FACTION “features singular characters, strong voices, believable moral dilemmas, adventure, brutality, beauty, and action. And did I mention the kick-ass writing?
-LJ Cohen, author of DERELICT


The first installment is just a hundred pages and is available free on most online retailers.

#1 Bestseller in Action & Adventure/Sci-fi
#1 Bestseller in Fantasy/Superhero
Top 5 in Thrillers

Episode Five: Aftershock, the penultimate chapter, was just released, and here’s what some of the early readers had to say:

“F**k you, you evil bastard. Also, well done.”

“Wow I did not see the end coming.”

“Fast and furious, with just enough slower scenes to let you go before the next!”

“I hate you so much right now.”

“I was totally blown away by the big reveal.”

“[The story is] astounding and devastating.”

“I feel so much for Xana. There’s no one like her in anything you’ve read.”

“I’m drooling.”

“Holy s**t. Actually started it and couldn’t stop reading until I was done. Intense. What a freaking ride.”

“Why isn’t everyone reading this series??”

“I am totally recommending people buy every single book in this series. I loved it that much.”

Five Promo

Alt Episode 5


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