From the Author of Dreadnought & Shuttle: Writer, Know Thyself

Today I am happy to host a guest piece by a friend and colleague, LJ Cohen, whose Young Adult space adventures have earned her quite a bit of attention, including a review in Publisher's Weekly and more recently a membership in Science Fiction Writers of America. We're both wrestling with growth and change lately, but... Continue Reading →


Kick Ass Moms

There's a scene in just about every old sheriff-vs-outlaw Western where the hero has to leave his wife and child -- usually the town schoolmarm, respectable and nurturing, and a son, the next generation hero who must learn a valuable lesson from his father's sacrifice -- to go face certain death in the performance of... Continue Reading →

Author Strengths & Weaknesses Survey Results

[If you want to skip the discussion of survey mechanics and go right to the results, scroll down to the section with that label.] In my corporate career, I was a survey professional designing auxiliary sample frames, and subsequently hybrid selection methods, to help compensate for differential non-response. I realize there's a lot of jargon... Continue Reading →

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