Can You Name the Most Successful Science Fiction Series in History?

Perry Rhodan is the title of the most successful science fiction series ever written, having sold more than 2 billion weeklies since it's introduction in September 1961. The series now approaches some 2,900 novella-sized installments in the old pulp magazine format. Despite such phenomenal success, it remains relatively unknown outside Germany, although not for lack... Continue Reading →


How I Do It

One of the fringe benefits, I guess, of serializing longer works in shorter chunks, is that I've iterated a lot the last couple years. In fact, I'm about to produce my eighth title in the last 24 months. It's really taught me how I write. Not how TO write. But how I do it. Some... Continue Reading →

There’s No Writer Better Than You

There's no objective ranking of writers, despite that it subjectively feels as if there is. I've probably had three conversations in the last nine months or so about this. I have strong feelings about it, to the point that I've probably come across way too strong. But it's true. We all like what we like,... Continue Reading →

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