I want to tell you something—something I’ve never told anyone

I want to tell you something—something I’ve never told anyone, not even my wife. Not that I was keeping anything from her really. I’d simply forgotten. Just another episode from a busy childhood, too silly or boring to mention. Had I even remembered. Which I hadn’t, until recently. But lately I carry it around with... Continue Reading →


I resist violent resistance

There's an idea going round now, inside all the rest of it, that anything short of violent resistance is, at best, appeasement, and at worst, tacit collaboration. It's the language of extremes that admits of only two distinctions (what is formally called a false dilemma): those who are with us -- where you're only truly... Continue Reading →

The Best Songs You Missed (#3)

Most evenings, I post a song on social media — what I call the soundtrack to tonight — and add it to an ongoing playlist covering all genres of music. Here are the five best songs you missed in the last couple weeks, plus a special obit to William Onyeabor, previously featured. And here is the full... Continue Reading →

How I Beat My Struggle with Settings

I keep two files of art. Well, I keep more than two, but two specifically related to my novels: Characters and Settings. (Each project also has it's own specific folder of inspiration.) My Settings file is particularly useful, because I struggle. I could write dialogue all day. In fact, that's almost always how I start... Continue Reading →

A feast for the morbidly curious

So. I wanna tell you a story. About a man named Will King, NYPD detective—like me. King investigated the 1928 disappearance and presumed death of 10-year-old Grace Budd, who left her home to attend a birthday party and never returned. There wasn’t much to go on. In fact, there was nothing at all. No body.... Continue Reading →

In which I blame teachers for things

In light of recent news, and after a brief exchange I had when I shared this picture yesterday, I've been thinking a lot about science and science education. I blame teachers for this mess. I used to teach science. I even taught Science, which is different than science, after one of my freshman biology students,... Continue Reading →

The Wonderful World of Bezoars

In the final course of my occult mystery, there's something called a jewel of many colors. I've been looking at white opal and various crystals trying to get a sense of what something like that might look like so I can describe it in the book. (It actually has a pretty big role to play... Continue Reading →

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