Wandering the Forest of Forgetting

There isn’t a common name for the magical community—other than that cumbersome phrase, I suppose—which is unfortunate because it’s a tower on a hill. A bastion, a keep, a prison. It gets its fair share of tourists, of course, but those who stay tend to make it a lifestyle more than a hobby. It permeates... Continue Reading →


More on the Limitations of Writing Really Good Villainesses

One of the reasons Darth Vader is a timeless villain is because he's Luke's father. Luke, as the hero, represents us -- either indirectly in that he fights for us, or directly as a stand-in, a power-projection of the self. Vader, then, in perverting his role as father, inverts it and becomes the antithesis of... Continue Reading →

A Visit to the Night Market

“Where are we going exactly?” “The gypsy night market.” “Right.” I had no idea what that was. I hadn’t heard of there being a night market here like there is back home. “Why?” I wanted it to be somewhere public. Busy. Safe. “We still need a pot.” “Why do you keep saying ‘we’? I don’t... Continue Reading →

Setting and Hardboiled Detective Fiction

I was listening to some lectures on the detective novel on the plane, and the dude really had some neat points. (Go figure.) But first, for background, you have to know that American detective fiction, sometimes labelled "hardboiled," grew out of the English detective novel, which tended to be very genteel. The detective in the... Continue Reading →

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