On Publicity in Publishing

There's a joke in financial planning circles that if you ask a number of people about their plans are for retirement, some percentage will say something like "I'm gonna win the lottery." The joke of course is that you're far more likely to die in a car accident this year than you are to win... Continue Reading →


An American in Scotland

I've been to the UK several times. I saw Bath and Stonehenge. I got drunk in Canterbury and pissed on a wall. I took the Night Scotsman from King's Cross to Edinburgh where I had a delicious haggis in the brick-lined basement of a very old building. And on one trip I was just down... Continue Reading →

The Shipbreakers

I ran across pictures of this while doing research for settings for my novels. Both fascinating and heartbreaking. Oceangoing vessels are not meant to be taken apart. They’re designed to withstand extreme forces in some of the planet’s most difficult environments, and they’re often constructed with toxic materials, such as asbestos and lead. When ships... Continue Reading →

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