I will set you free!

People. That was the difference. If they had a mission, they would have put him somewhere secret, somewhere no one would see. Given him orders. When they put him in the middle of a crowd, he knew they wanted chaos. Bryson Beatty sat on the bench looking at all the happy families. It was a... Continue Reading →


Babylon Eternal

“The Bible tells us that after the kingdom of Solomon was divided and so fell to the Babylonians, the author of the prophetic Book of Daniel was taken captive, along with a number of other Hebrew youths from many notable families — hostages you might say, to insure against future revolt. They were sent to study the... Continue Reading →

The Problem with “The Three-Body Problem”

From a recent review of Cixin Liu's Nebula Award-nominated and Hugo Award-winning "The Three-Body Problem" on Big Think: "Why We Should Really Stop Trying to Contact Aliens" by Robby Berman Cixin’s writing is beyond smart — it’s brilliant — and it's science fiction of the best kind, with mind-boggling ideas and perceptions, and characters you... Continue Reading →

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