This is kidnapping. You know that right?

I woke around noon to find a strange man standing over me. I shrieked and fell backward to the floor between the bed and the wall, claws up, ready to scratch the fucker’s eyes out. But he just stood there, hands at the sides of his black suit, while his companion, a tall, thin black man with narrow sideburns, checked the closet and bathroom and … Continue reading This is kidnapping. You know that right?

Random acts of chaos

I shuffled out of my bedroom, hair like an 80s rock star, and saw Kell sitting on the floor with an open Ked’s box — my Ked’s box — perusing all my sketches. The ones I’d bothered to save, anyway. Most go in the trash with the notebook whenever it’s full. I was well past the point of trying to save everything I did. “Hey!” I stood there. “Invasion alarm.” … Continue reading Random acts of chaos