The stench of death is upon you

I walked home with a plastic bag in one hand and a smoothie in the other. I was running out of cash and had no idea how I was going to pay my cell phone bill, which was already past due, but I sprung for the smoothie anyway after getting what I needed—finally, I was... Continue Reading →


This is the part where you lie

Once upon a time, if you were looking for me, odds are I was either at school, at The Corn Cob Couch, or on my way to Sour Candy—a head shop and music store with everything you always wanted but would never use crammed into about a thousand square feet. They had an amazing collection... Continue Reading →

A million dollars!

I walked up the stairs to my flat. From the landing at the top, I could see that my front door wasn’t quite shut all the way. The gap was slight. If you weren’t the person opening and closing it every day, you might not have noticed. But I did. I stood silently and listened.... Continue Reading →

Random acts of chaos

I shuffled out of my bedroom, hair like an 80s rock star, and saw Kell sitting on the floor with an open Keds box—my Keds box—perusing all my sketches. The ones I’d bothered to save, anyway. Most go in the trash with the notebook whenever it’s full. I was well past the point of trying... Continue Reading →

The alligator man

I sprayed bleach solution over everything, just to be safe, before wiping it all down and throwing it in the big rubbish bin behind the fried chicken chain. I stashed the clothes in my bag. I’d have to dump them elsewhere. Not that I expected a manhunt or anything, but you can’t be too careful.... Continue Reading →

A great oblivious god

23 I visited the little boy’s grave. I prayed, though I don’t know why. I can count on my fingers and toes the number of times I’ve been to a church, always for weddings and funerals. But going seemed like the right thing to do. And after everything I’d seen, I figured it couldn’t hurt... Continue Reading →

The problem was me

22 The residential street was upscale but not posh. Recently gentrified. It was also quiet, especially that early in the morning. I was leaning against a tree when she came out, box in hand. “Dr. Alexander.” She stopped in shock on the stairs of her upscale three-story condo building. “Jeez. You surprised me.” She stepped... Continue Reading →

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