The life of the flesh

26Sep The sign on the office door said: MARTIN CHASE, M.S., J.D. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY ASSOCIATE I could hear the secretary calling security at the other end of the stately hall. I opened the door and Fred looked up at me, surprised. He’d gained a little weight. He was still thin, but he wasn’t quite as... Continue Reading →


The wolf with three eyes

25Sep The package was addressed to me specifically. Not the NYPD. Not Homicide. Not “To Whom It May Concern.” To Detective Harriet Chase at the downtown office. The return address, tucked on a separate label underneath, said it was from Floral Park. It sounded familiar but I couldn’t place it. There’s a checklist of things... Continue Reading →

I wanna tell you a story

23Sep So. I wanna tell you a story. About a man named Will King, an NYPD detective, like me. King investigated the 1928 disappearance and presumed death of 10-year-old Grace Budd, who left her home to attend a birthday party and never returned. There wasn’t much to go on. In fact, there was nothing at... Continue Reading →

A Simple Exorcism

He was making a proper nuisance of himself, whoever he was. I could hear the screams from the street. I stepped out of the car and met the officer in charge, a woman named Ballantine, who I didn’t know personally but who I’d seen around once or twice. “Thanks for coming,” she said, extending a... Continue Reading →

I have to die

We approached the pond through tufts of long grass which bent over before us, heavy with dew. It was so peaceful there, I could hear each muffled rustle as we stepped. Except for the narrow clearing before us, ferns and bushes encroached on the water from all sides. They sprouted from the banks and reached... Continue Reading →

The sower of discord

Standing inside the bank, you could hardly tell it had ever been a church. A row of teller stations followed the right wall, locked behind overlapping plates of inch-thick bulletproof glass. There was a single camera suspended from the ceiling in front of each station, and another on the wall behind each teller. To my... Continue Reading →

They pulled her out of the river

“Suzie Lee Song!” I sat up. A hefty African American woman in a uniform that was at least two sizes too small was standing impatiently by the holding room door. I looked at her expectantly, waiting for whatever announcement was forthcoming. “You made bail,” she explained, even more impatiently. She waved her hand for me... Continue Reading →

Politics is a sport

It has regular contests in which score is kept. It has seasons ending in scheduled championship contests. It has teams, complete with managers (and even owners). It has plays and strategies, many of which fail. It has scandals and career-ending injuries. It has a daily highlight reel. It has major and minor leagues and recruitment... Continue Reading →

You get a phone call

I was discovered alone with a dead body. The bloody knife with my fingerprints was in the hall. I told the story a million times before they finally let me crash in the back of a squad car. I didn’t care if I was under arrest or not. I couldn’t keep my eyes open. I’d... Continue Reading →

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