Why you shouldn’t sweat “hurtful” reviews

People will sometimes get REALLY upset with an author for non-literary reasons -- i.e. their politics or their point of view on some issue of fandom. Those folks will sometimes leave negative reviews to try to "hurt" the author. Of course, reading a book and simply not liking it, even having a strong negative reaction... Continue Reading →


The first trick you learn

19Oct Other than a few wisps of cotton, it was blue skies as far as the eye could see, and even bluer ocean. It was a little bit warmer than it had been, but the wind coming off the waves more than compensated and the beach was mostly empty. In fact, there was only a... Continue Reading →

Shame on you

Since last Friday, when I saw a thread on Twitter that I wish I could've bleached from my eyeballs, I've run into this idea several times that it's wrong to consume "problematic" media and you shouldn't do it, and if you did it, you should feel bad about it. In general, I've noticed, this line... Continue Reading →

You wanna talk about it?

16Oct I had lunch at the bistro, out in the hip part of Brooklyn. That set me back a nice chunk of cash. Craziest menu I’ve ever seen, too. Shit like smoked quail eggs in cubes of maple gelatin speckled in elk bacon. Or fondue of pig’s blood reduction—whatever that is—served with maize fritters. Or... Continue Reading →

A man who could make magic

13Oct “I want everyone to behave themselves,” Anson Verhoeven warned from behind the counter. His white Amish beard quivered when he spoke. He looked to be pushing 90. He breathed through his mouth and stared worriedly over the rim of his glasses at the three of us in his shop. There were two men at... Continue Reading →

How I stopped being disgusted by social media

The art of Mike Campau (used without permission) helped me make peace with Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. I still don't particularly enjoy being active on those places, but I can finally let go of my disgust for what they've largely become. This might seem paradoxical since we're now in a time of high anti-social media sentiment. It... Continue Reading →

You wanna know the truth?

09Oct The dust from the road trailed my car like a long plume of smoke. The tires jiggled over gravel as my phone announced my arrival at my destination with a soft chime. I slowed and turned into a wide lot of patchy grass fenced by irregular trees and shrubs. At the center was a... Continue Reading →

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