I was alone

01Nov I passed the last of the costumed revelers on my way downtown. Most of them were drunk or recovering from drink and they yelled to each other and laughed loudly. The financial district, however, was largely deserted except for the handful of late-night workers handling overseas markets— or trying to salvage their careers. Only... Continue Reading →


Time to end it

31Oct I set the effigy of wire and straw on the pavement in front of the John D. Bailey Center for Palliative Care and reached in my pocket for my lighter. The “John D,” as it was known, was built in the 60s to be something of an urban fortress of public safety. A striated-brick... Continue Reading →

The pulsing breath of the sky

30Oct Five years ago, a Jewish mystic living in Denmark was found impaled on the spire of a medieval church. It was not clear how she had gotten there, since all points of access to the roof were locked and sealed. She seemed to have been propelled with force, however, since a couple of her... Continue Reading →

Have you come to kill me?

29Oct I cut the city padlock on the gate and looped the chain around a hook. I hung the broken lock through one of the links. There were no lights down there, especially at that hour, so everything had to be illuminated by the beam emanating from the LED lamp at the crown of my... Continue Reading →

What do people do?

28Oct She had company. I could see through the second-floor window. I couldn’t tell who was there, but there were definitely two shadows, both female from the looks of it. I was across the street under a tree that was still clinging obstinately to the last of its leaves. It was raining, but not very... Continue Reading →

It wasn’t enough

25Oct I dodged calls from Hammond, and from Fred. I can only imagine the one called the other. I went to Sully’s, my favorite dive bar, the kind of place that didn’t care if you broke the city’s no-smoking ordnance, and sat in a booth at the back with a cigar. It was the middle... Continue Reading →

What kind of monsters?

24Oct My dress shoes click-clacked on the courthouse floor as I walked to the stairs and up to the third floor. I exited the open stairwell and fought the urge to wipe the lipstick off my face with the back of my hand. I turned a corner and stopped in the middle of the hall.... Continue Reading →

The wolf with three eyes

22Oct “I said, he’s not here,” the nurse stressed. I motioned back to the narrow waiting room, whose handful of occupants were watching me out of the corners of their eyes like school kids afraid to be called on in class. “So none of these patients are his?” “Dr. Caldwell has taken Dr. More’s patients... Continue Reading →

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