The dusky urban fantasy of Guy-Pascal Vallez

The artist's use of color adds depth and complexity to what is fundamentally simple line work.


The myth of interpretation

The French philosopher and literary critic Roland Barthes developed an extension of Saussure's semiotics that he called mythology, an apt name since '-ology' technically means 'study of' rather than simply 'collection.' For Barthes, the semiological system of signifier/signified/sign was itself collectively another signifier that could be parsed, second-order, into a meta-language of myth. He gives... Continue Reading →

The ridiculousness of everything

It's true that much of the world is ridiculous. I think most people would agree with that. However, in their agreement they would be wrong. This is because at the moment of utterance, the cynical speaker, in claiming the world is ridiculous, assumes the role of Barthes' dumb critic who believes herself "to have such... Continue Reading →

The metaphorical realism of Vladimir Kush

Vladimir Kush (b. 1968) is a Russian painter who emigrated to Hawaii in 1990 and since opened galleries there and in Las Vegas and Laguna Beach. Working primarily in oil, his paintings are surrealist, investigating the symbolic relation between man and nature.

The Thinker of Cernavoda

This four-and-a-half-inch-tall terracotta sculpture was a product of the late stone-age "Hamangia culture" of present-day Romania and dates to approximately 5,000 BCE. Most of the extant art of the era depicts hunting or fertility, but the "thinker" (Ganditorul) is clearly sitting in introspection in an almost identical pose to the famous statue by Rodin, despite... Continue Reading →

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