The High Nordic Art of Viktor Vasnetsov

Viktor Mikhaylovich Vasnetsov (1848 – 1926) was a Russian painter specializing in mythological and historical themes and one of the founders of the nationalist romantic movement, the so-called “Russian Revival.” After graduating from the seminary, Vasnetsov moved to St. Petersburg, where he studied art at the Imperial Academy. Famed in his lifetime, he was given a noble title by Nicholas II just a few years before the revolution.

Viktor Vasnetsov 640px-Wiktor_Michajlowitsch_Wassnezow_004Viktor Vasnetsov Apocalypse_vasnetsovViktor Vasnetsov file1Viktor Vasnetsov unnamed-fileViktor Vasnetsov_samoletViktor Vasnetsov_Sirin_AlkonostViktor-Vasnetsov-Blessing-of-Dmitri-Donskoi-Before-Kulikovo-by-Lissner


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