28Sep The runoff reservoir was about the size of a large pond. There was no doubt it was man-made. Its sides sloped at a consistent angle and three of its lengths were ruler-straight. The last curved evenly around the border of the city park. Most of the water from the storm had faded, leaving only a marshy carpet of weeds spotted in puddles, which reflected … Continue reading CONDEMNED

Upon yellow-stained parchment the words

The old ones are patient, and not so easily fooled. . . . kept his wits, Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon would reign yet today as lord of the earth. When the kingdom of Solomon, wisest of rulers, was divided by his heirs, Nebuchadnezzar conquered the lands of the Hebrews, along with many others, and took their male youths hostage, both high-born and . . . .   . . . were marched east and sent to … Continue reading Upon yellow-stained parchment the words

The wolf with three eyes

25Sep The package was addressed to me specifically. Not the NYPD. Not Homicide. Not “To Whom It May Concern.” To Detective Harriet Chase at the downtown office. The return address, tucked on a separate label underneath, said it was from Floral Park. It sounded familiar but I couldn’t place it. There’s a checklist of things we’re supposed to look for to flag a package as … Continue reading The wolf with three eyes