Battlecry! (a gift for anyone who can see this)

I'm guessing hundreds, if not thousands, of people now read this blog (based on the combo of subscriptions and RSS hits). It's really kind of amazing. While it looks like this blog has been active for a long time, in truth I ported it to WordPress from my website not terribly long ago -- 18 months maybe?... Continue Reading →


Final cover set for the completed MINUS FACTION

My superpowered sci-fi thriller THE MINUS FACTION recently concluded with the release of the seventh and final novella, Outbreak. With the conclusion comes a new set of covers that do a better job of linking the books and making it clear that, while each episode introduces and resolves conflict, they are all part of the same... Continue Reading →

What People Are Saying

about the superpowered serial sci-thriller THE MINUS FACTION: "Gripping, immersive, entertaining. These are not your typical heroes." "A unique brand of justice, morality, and heroism. Taut, thrilling entertainment." "So easy to read and follow along. The author pulls you right in." "Fun, fun, fun!" "The story of unlikely hero[s]. Crackles with energy and promise." -Daniel... Continue Reading →

Darksign: the birth of a novelist

I want to tell you a story with a wonderfully terrible ending. It starts in high school, where I sat quietly in class for days on end ignoring girls and filling notebooks with cheap knockoffs of my favorite sci-fi novels. It looked like I was taking notes, you see. ("I was not challenged enough in... Continue Reading →

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