Writing Inspiration: 30 Random Settings

In addition to keeping a file of art and ideas for each of my fiction projects, I also keep two general files, Characters and Settings, which I dip into as needed for ideas and inspiration. Here are 30 recent additions to my Settings file. Includes art and photography by Danlil Kozlovsky, Edward Delandre, Igor Kulkov,... Continue Reading →


The Minus Faction Omnibus is finally here!

What the fr@^k is a 'soft launch' anyway? Research into purchasing behavior confirms my personal experience that in a market filled with many alternatives, readers tend to choose books with a demonstrated readership over those without. And since they don't have a perfect window into that, they use the number of reviews as a proxy... Continue Reading →

Writer’s Block

A couple times now I've been asked how I handle it, most recently yesterday. This is my answer. I don't think there's a thing called Writer's Block. What we call Writer's Block is a collection of many different psychological faults and phenomena, some real, some imagined, so don't fall for it. In my experience, there's a... Continue Reading →


I was talking with my buddy this week, and we decided I should probably write mysteries if anything. Mysteries have to present and solve a puzzle, so they're very plot-centric, which I tend to be. Not that my characters are crap, but there's a certain style of writing -- which is the more popular one,... Continue Reading →

How I Beat My Struggle with Settings

I keep two files of art. Well, I keep more than two, but two specifically related to my novels: Characters and Settings. (Each project also has it's own specific folder of inspiration.) My Settings file is particularly useful, because I struggle. I could write dialogue all day. In fact, that's almost always how I start... Continue Reading →

This Week I Used Magic

I didn't think I was going to make many edits to Bonewhite, the third course of my occult mystery, but as I got into it, I realized how dismally it progresses. The mystery itself is fine -- rather clever actually -- but how the story brings you there is woefully inadequate. So I'm performing surgery... Continue Reading →

When Criticism is the Best Medicine

When you start writing, you have the ambivalence of a toddler who both wants help down the stairs and wants to do it himself. You know you need critical feedback, but you're inexperienced, unsure of your work -- which we authors often conflate with our selves -- and therefore wary of the sting. Those of... Continue Reading →

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