Shame on you

Since last Friday, when I saw a thread on Twitter that I wish I could've bleached from my eyeballs, I've run into this idea several times that it's wrong to consume "problematic" media and you shouldn't do it, and if you did it, you should feel bad about it. In general, I've noticed, this line …

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Dogs barking and the stupidity of literary fashion

My editor, who gets to poke at my manuscripts, flagged a sentence in the first course of my occult mystery, "A dog barked in the distance." This is a cliche according to Rosecrans Baldwin, a novelist who wrote an article for Slate back in 2010. He says it's tired writing. If so, I'm in good …

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The Problem with “The Three-Body Problem”

From a recent review of Cixin Liu's Nebula Award-nominated and Hugo Award-winning "The Three-Body Problem" on Big Think: "Why We Should Really Stop Trying to Contact Aliens" by Robby Berman Cixin’s writing is beyond smart — it’s brilliant — and it's science fiction of the best kind, with mind-boggling ideas and perceptions, and characters you …

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