An American in Scotland

I've been to the UK several times. I saw Bath and Stonehenge. I got drunk in Canterbury and pissed on a wall. I took the Night Scotsman from King's Cross to Edinburgh where I had a delicious haggis in the brick-lined basement of a very old building. And on one trip I was just down... Continue Reading →


I wanna talk about the dissolution of my marriage

It's not a secret. But it's not something I bring up regularly either. I suppose I was a victim, although I don't think of myself that way, at least not anymore. All of it -- the sickness, the lies, the abuse -- have become no less than, but also no more than, the pivot of... Continue Reading →

Darksign: the birth of a novelist

I want to tell you a story with a wonderfully terrible ending. It starts in high school, where I sat quietly in class for days on end ignoring girls and filling notebooks with cheap knockoffs of my favorite sci-fi novels. It looked like I was taking notes, you see. ("I was not challenged enough in... Continue Reading →

Chit Shat From Japan

This is an ongoing, updated list of my pictures and essays on Japanese culture and food. Most links are to Ello since I love how the platform lets you tell a story back and forth in images and words. All posts are public and should be visible to anyone, even those without an account. (A... Continue Reading →

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