Nations of experience

No matter how long I make a study of it, I cannot stop marveling at the slippery imprecision of English. It is not the most poetic language, but it is the most poetical in that it conflates single words with entire nations of experience. Where other languages strive admirably to, for example, parse the diverse... Continue Reading →


An American in Scotland

I've been to the UK several times. I saw Bath and Stonehenge. I got drunk in Canterbury and pissed on a wall. I took the Night Scotsman from King's Cross to Edinburgh where I had a delicious haggis in the brick-lined basement of a very old building. And on one trip I was just down... Continue Reading →

Darksign: the birth of a novelist

I want to tell you a story with a wonderfully terrible ending. It starts in high school, where I sat quietly in class for days on end ignoring girls and filling notebooks with cheap knockoffs of my favorite sci-fi novels. It looked like I was taking notes, you see. ("I was not challenged enough in... Continue Reading →

Chit Shat From Japan

This is an ongoing, updated list of my pictures and essays on Japanese culture and food. Most links are to Ello since I love how the platform lets you tell a story back and forth in images and words. All posts are public and should be visible to anyone, even those without an account. (A... Continue Reading →

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