The Sex of Art (Very NSFW)

People don't get Erotic Art. To be clear, what I am calling Erotic Art is (capital A) Art first, versus mere pornography. That doesn't mean Erotic Art is never pornographic, nor pornography artistic. Rather, pornography, as genre of (lowercase a) art, is fundamentally commercial. It is meant to titillate, to get you off. Erotic Art... Continue Reading →


Liberalism’s Last Stand

William Gibson famously observed, a couple decades ago now, that the future had arrived, it just wasn't evenly distributed. The fact that he had to say that and that people still find it insightful suggests they thought it would be evenly distributed, or reasonably so. I'd like to say "I don't know why that is"... Continue Reading →

(Music) Pavane for a Dead Princess

A pavane is a slow, stately dance, two beats to the measure, popular in the 16th and 17th centuries and performed in elaborate clothing, or a piece of music written for the same. "The original piano version of the Pavane pour une infante défunte was composed in 1899 and dedicated to the Princesse Edmond de... Continue Reading →

Nations of experience

No matter how long I make a study of it, I cannot stop marveling at the slippery imprecision of English. It is not the most poetic language, but it is the most poetical in that it conflates single words with entire nations of experience. Where other languages strive admirably to, for example, parse the diverse... Continue Reading →

On the cult of decline

"On every new thing there lies already the shadow of annihilation. For the history of every individual, every social order, indeed of the whole world, does not describe an ever-widening, more and more wonderful arc, but rather follows a course which, once the meridian is reached, leads without fail into the dark. Knowledge of that... Continue Reading →

17 Chicks (portrayals of women)

  Margaret Bowland, "White Fives" Harumi Hironaka Élisabeth Louise Vigée Le Brun, self portrait of the artist mugshot Tom Bagshaw, "Tomoe Gozen – Onna-bugeisha" Sarah Bishop David Uzochukwu Dino Valls, "PROSCAENIA" Denise Grünstein, Looking at the Overlooked Reka Nyari Si Woo Kim Chen Yanning Andrea Kowch Lu Cong Rosemary Valero-O'Connell, "Spider-Gwen" Marina Bychkova, breast cancer... Continue Reading →

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