Religion is Hitler

There’s a certain class of intellectual that likes to compare anything they don’t like to a religion. But rather than come out and say it, it’s usually posed as a clickbait question — Is feminism a religion? Is the NRA a religion? — so as to maintain the illusion that this is serious intellectual debate and not mere mudslinging.** Religion, as an ancient and diverse human … Continue reading Religion is Hitler

The wolf with three eyes

25Sep The package was addressed to me specifically. Not the NYPD. Not Homicide. Not “To Whom It May Concern.” To Detective Harriet Chase at the downtown office. The return address, tucked on a separate label underneath, said it was from Floral Park. It sounded familiar but I couldn’t place it. There’s a checklist of things we’re supposed to look for to flag a package as … Continue reading The wolf with three eyes

Don’t ever play cards with a sorcerer

We approached the pond through tufts of long grass which bent over before us, heavy with dew. It was so peaceful there, I could hear each muffled rustle as we stepped. Except for the narrow clearing before us, ferns and bushes encroached on the water from all sides. They sprouted from the banks and reached with leafy arms over the surface, which rested motionless like … Continue reading Don’t ever play cards with a sorcerer