Babylon Eternal

“The Bible tells us that after the kingdom of Solomon was divided and so fell to the Babylonians, the author of the prophetic Book of Daniel was taken captive, along with a number of other Hebrew youths from many notable families — hostages you might say, to insure against future revolt. They were sent to study the Babylonian sciences — what the Hebrews called ‘the black arts’ — under King Nebuchadnezzar … Continue reading Babylon Eternal

This Week I Used Magic

I didn’t think I was going to make many edits to Bonewhite, the third course of my occult mystery, but as I got into it, I realized how dismally it progresses. The mystery itself is fine — rather clever actually — but how the story brings you there is woefully inadequate. So I’m performing surgery on this one as well. Interestingly, I read through the … Continue reading This Week I Used Magic

The Archaeology of Five: Origin of The Heretic Arcanum

I did not create Etude Etranger, the shaman-chef of my occult mystery THE HERETIC ARCANUM. I summoned him. All of my other characters were deliberate inventions, and they were iterative, the result of quiet, intentional reflection requiring several revisions to make right. Xana, for example, my eight-foot-tall strong woman from THE MINUS FACTION, started life as a 110-lb. teenager. Etude alone appeared fully formed through … Continue reading The Archaeology of Five: Origin of The Heretic Arcanum