They pulled her out of the river

“Suzie Lee Song!” I sat up. A hefty African-American woman in a uniform that was at least two sizes too small was standing impatiently by the holding room door. I looked at her expectantly, waiting for whatever announcement was forthcoming. “You made bail,” she explained, even more impatiently. She waved her hand for me to hurry up. The clipboard in her hand suggested I was … Continue reading They pulled her out of the river

A spell you can touch

Google was right. The Barrow Street Bookstore was permanently closed. Anyone who somehow heard about an underground book shop would show up to find the place empty, covered in dust, and almost certainly wouldn’t keep looking. Sort of like wearing your camouflage in plain sight. Irfan walked to an old door, complete with old fashioned knocker, set to one side of the shop. I think … Continue reading A spell you can touch

Vanitas vanitatum omnia vanitas

Knocking. Ugh . . . More knocking. Harder this time. Then again. Over and over and over and over. “Fuck! It’s busted!” I called without opening my eyes. My fucking flat was turning into fucking Grand Central. Fucking hell. Samir pushed in. My eyes were still shut. I couldn’t see him. But my nose caught a waft of cologne. I sure hope it worked on gay men. I … Continue reading Vanitas vanitatum omnia vanitas