How I stopped being disgusted by social media

The art of Mike Campau (used without permission) helped me make peace with Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. I still don’t particularly enjoy being active on those places, but I can finally let go of my disgust for what they’ve largely become. This might seem paradoxical since we’re now in a time of high anti-social media sentiment. It was revealed just recently, for example, that Facebook may have … Continue reading How I stopped being disgusted by social media

Religion is Hitler

There’s a certain class of intellectual that likes to compare anything they don’t like to a religion. But rather than come out and say it, it’s usually posed as a clickbait question — Is feminism a religion? Is the NRA a religion? — so as to maintain the illusion that this is serious intellectual debate and not mere mudslinging.** Religion, as an ancient and diverse human … Continue reading Religion is Hitler

The Strange Uniformity of Madness

After coming across some references to Posadism, I recently got sucked into the art and philosophy of the ectocultures (my term). I don’t mean the Occupy movement or Anonymous, but the real deviants, people who either were (or maybe should have been) institutionalized. There is almost no coherent categorization, except that they’re all highly conspiratorial, anti-rational, and often invoke alien or demonic powers (or both). … Continue reading The Strange Uniformity of Madness

A Case Study in Post-Factualism

In case you haven’t heard, The History Channel recently aired a documentary suggesting that Amelia Earhart survived her trek across the Pacific. The evidence was based mostly on a photograph, recently discovered in the National Archives (where it had apparently been misfiled), showing a woman with an appearance similar to Earhart’s sitting on a dock watching a boat haul a plane that also looked a … Continue reading A Case Study in Post-Factualism


“Winter” by Jason Felix I have two files labeled “Characters” and “Settings” where I dump a lot of the art I find. Flipping through those images later is great inspiration. Sometimes I take bit and pieces directly (and without shame — see Austin Kleon’s “Steal Like an Artist”), but many times the images spark a tangential idea. For example, while I do’t expect this is … Continue reading Winter

Why I don’t argue on the internet

Here the women met them, swords and axes in their hands, and with hideous shrieks of rage tried to drive back fugitives and pursuers alike, the fugitives as traitors, and the pursuers as foes; they mixed themselves up with the combatants, with bare hands tore away the shields of the Romans or grasped their swords, and endured wounds and mutilations… I recently discovered this quote … Continue reading Why I don’t argue on the internet

What We Talk About When We Talk About What We Talk About

Since I’m apparently not writing any fiction for awhile, I’ve been thinking about a blog post called: What We Talk About When We Talk About What We Talk About which would itself be about the popularity of providing the world with meta-level commentary on your own utterances, worthy as they are of such analysis — and hey, if other people won’t do it, then roll … Continue reading What We Talk About When We Talk About What We Talk About