The Disappearance of Alexa Sacchi

01Oct It was only later that I came across Detective King and the Albert Fish case, and all the others the department conveniently files under the same heading — which is to say I didn’t start my career as the NYPD’s resident occultist. And I can’t say I ever intended that. It’s not like you know where you’ll end up when you step off the straight and … Continue reading The Disappearance of Alexa Sacchi


26Sep The sign on the office door said: F. MARTIN CHASE, M.S., J.D. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY ASSOCIATE I could hear the secretary down the hall calling security. I opened the door and Fred looked up at me, surprised. He’d gained a little weight. He was still thin, but he wasn’t quite as gym-rat-gaunt as he used to be. “Hi, Fred.” He didn’t like that name. He … Continue reading Signs

Babylon Eternal

“The Bible tells us that after the kingdom of Solomon was divided and so fell to the Babylonians, the author of the prophetic Book of Daniel was taken captive, along with a number of other Hebrew youths from many notable families — hostages you might say, to insure against future revolt. They were sent to study the Babylonian sciences — what the Hebrews called ‘the black arts’ — under King Nebuchadnezzar … Continue reading Babylon Eternal