Taste this book!

"Signs Preceding the End of the World" by Yuri Herrera, translated by Lisa Dillman.


Shame on you

Since last Friday, when I saw a thread on Twitter that I wish I could've bleached from my eyeballs, I've run into this idea several times that it's wrong to consume "problematic" media and you shouldn't do it, and if you did it, you should feel bad about it. In general, I've noticed, this line …

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How I stopped being disgusted by social media

The art of Mike Campau (used without permission) helped me make peace with Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. I still don't particularly enjoy being active on those places, but I can finally let go of my disgust for what they've largely become. This might seem paradoxical since we're now in a time of high anti-social media sentiment. It …

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A Case Study in Post-Factualism

In case you haven't heard, The History Channel recently aired a documentary suggesting that Amelia Earhart survived her trek across the Pacific. The evidence was based mostly on a photograph, recently discovered in the National Archives (where it had apparently been misfiled), showing a woman with an appearance similar to Earhart's sitting on a dock …

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