The link between digital art and hegemony

This is "Splash goat" by Zhelong Xu. It's not pottery. It's computer generated. It was made by a Chinese artist and it beautifully illustrates how easy it will be to fake just about everything. I expect forgery will make a comeback, only rather than forging "lost" works of art, talented artists will be paid by …

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A Case Study in Post-Factualism

In case you haven't heard, The History Channel recently aired a documentary suggesting that Amelia Earhart survived her trek across the Pacific. The evidence was based mostly on a photograph, recently discovered in the National Archives (where it had apparently been misfiled), showing a woman with an appearance similar to Earhart's sitting on a dock …

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Feminism, Postmodernism, and Fashionable Bullshit

There's a lot to discover in postmodern thought. Really. It gets a bad rap in certain circles, but good postmodern thought reveals the timbers of an invisible house in which we all live. It makes patent the occult structures of society that constrain our options often without our knowledge. Which is why it bothers me …

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